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The kingdom of God
Regaining the vision

“Your kingdom come!” - How often do we Christians around the world speak this out as part of The Lord’s Prayer? Are we aware of the implications of what this “Kingdom of God” is all about?

Keith Warrington explains basic biblical concepts concerning the kingdom of God and offers a perspective on how it is at work and taking shape among us in our time. He deals with the calling of the individual and the church community, as well as with the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which should never be seen only from the perspective of a “personal salvation”. Instead, all areas of life - family, work, science and culture, industry, technology etc. - should be guided and shaped by the values of the Kingdom of God.

Some important changes are called for with guidelines for implementation. For this, the author gives practical tips - surprising, challenging, feasible suggestions and plenty of real-life examples.

Further publications by Keith in the German language can be found at

Marion Warrington's Music

For several years I have dreamed of making another music recording with all the songs in my native English language plus some instrumentals.

This dream has now come true and the album is here: it is called “TRUSTING”.

Trust rooted in worship…..Trusting God is like the wonderful thread that runs through the last 5 decades of my life here in Germany.

This is worship music peaceful, devotional, personal songs as well as instrumentals – with simple, beautiful arrangements. Grand piano and vocals with few but beautifully played acoustic instruments including cello, violin, saxophone. Two of the songs are sung by our daughters, Silke and Anna.  Quiet pieces of music that express the deep peace of heart experienced by a person who trusts and worships our Creator God. A good time to listen to the music is when you want to come to rest e.g. in the last hour before falling asleep at night …. There is even a “Lullaby for Big and Small People”

Important to know:  The CD booklet is bilingual.  All lyrics as well as all notes to the songs are also translated into German.  

The hard CD is not available through a publisher, but for people in Germany and also in New Zealand, it can be ordered directly from us via email: k.m.warrington@ywam.de

And then sent to you by post. For other countries: Download or stream available via the link below (bandcamp.com)

Older music recordings (e.g.Zurück zu Dir and Von Gott… …zu Gott(Ursprung und Ziel)can be heard on Youtube and Spotify.

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